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Face Lift Facial

Through the RF electrodes, RF machine delivers “friction heat” energy to your skin. When the thermal energy is increased up to 60 ~ 70 degree Celsius, the collagen within your skin cells that was initially “inactive” starts to re-array in order. Therefore, you get more elastin in your skin.

Stomach Massage

When masseur/masseuse massages your abdomen, it is deep enough to reach organs in your stomach. Your hardened organs will become softened and they will start functioning properly again. In addition, internal fat (fat inside your stomach and intestines) will be reduced.

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The skincare series by Dr. med. Christine Schrammek derma.cosmetics was developed under dermatological perspectives. Medically inspired - efficient effects.

Great importance is placed on using high-tech active ingredients in combination with natural, proven substances for all products. The goal of our different skincare ranges is to offer the solution for a number of skin problems, for example impure skin, dry skin, mature and demanding skin. Among others the GREEN PEEL® herbal peeling, Blemish Balm, Skin Elixier, Resvera Cell Concentrate and other special products of the skincare series are known all over the world.