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As you get older, toxin, waste and fat that were not able to be discharged from the body system become accumulated under the skins, especially around face. This is the reason why facial shapes of people after 30’s look flat and wide although it was not how they looked like in younger ages.

3-dimentional Face Minification is a Korean style beauty therapy which breaks down and discharges wastes and fat as well as loosening hardened facial muscles. The therapy lets you regain the shape of face when you were young. In addition, it increases elasticity of your facial skin.

  • Head meridian massage

  • Cleansing + deep pore cleansing

  • 3D face minification special mask pack

  • Neck + shoulders meridian massage

  • Facial meridian massage

  • Special cream + gypsum heating face mask pack

  • Sun block / BB cream application